Trafalgar_D_Law. Luffy's power has also increased over time and currently, he would have no problem in fighting against the first division commander of a Yonko's crew. Why I think that Luffy vs Akainu is a fight that is very likely to happen. Luffy pourrait blesser akainu grâce … Akainu va combattre Luffy dans un duel de convictions au sommet puisque les 2 connaissent le secret du D. l’un va combattre pour … Luffy is character who believes in all the freedom and romanticism of being a pirate. He feels that such an individual MUST absolutely be eliminated. Akainu est le boss ultime, normal qu’il soit level SDP je vois pas pourquoi ça gêne. After trials and tribulations through the depths of a hellish prison to the bloodshed of an entire battlefield, there was a small glimmer when it looked like Luffy had actually saved Ace. Jan 8, 2021 #29. The Scenario : Luffy Law and Sabo have tracked Akainu to Punk Hazard, and and are intent on killing him to take revenge for Ace's death. Akainu pursues Ace and Luffy and mocks Ace’s father, Whitebeard. Akainu vs Luffy is one of the most anticipated fights of the whole series since Luffy wants revenge for Ace’s death. Akainu taunts Ace into fighting him and Akainu attempts to kill Luffy. However, Akainu is on a different level compared to a Yonko commander. IMO Akainu mid diff current Luffy (Post Udon training, I see him clearly above YC1 level now. Jan 8, 2021 #29. Ice devil slayer said: Likes: Gensui Sazid and Zoro D Goat. Luffy vs Akainu would be more entertaining than Sabo vs Akainu or even Luffy vs Blackbeard Fighting style and match up simply makes it more entertaining to watch! Luffy is a lot stronger now. De tout le GM il est de loin l’antagoniste le mieux développé. At Marineford, Akainu is absolutely determined to kill Luffy, even if it means letting other pirates escape. Luffy Vs Akainu is one of the most waited fight in the anime, many of us can’t wait to see is get animated and read it in One Piece Manga, thanks to AndayGeorge we are going to be able to read the mang, he drew 14+ pages of Monkey D Luffy Vs Akainu Manga.. Having killed Ace during the Marineford arc of the series, Akainu is a hated character among the fans. This chapter is supposedly set after Luffy beats Kaido. However, Ace suffers a fatal blow from Akainu and dies. Pour moi Luffy pourrait perdre contre Akainu : Akainu possède un pouvoir très puissant et destructeur lui permettant de mettre en difficulté Luffy et d'attaquer a distance ainsi que des hakis très puissant dont le ryuo . 8 Can Defeat: The Yonko So, Luffy has a big history with Akainu. 10 Akainu Vs. Monkey D. Luffy. Akainu, on the other hand, is a purveyor of "Absolute Justice," declaring that all those who identify as pirates be put under extreme prejudice if not immediate execution. One of the easiest jeers against Akainu is the fact that he ended all hope in the One Piece world. Not that far from weak Admiral level. Akainu continues fighting Whitebeard and Whitebeard Pirates until Luffy was with the help of his allies was able to save Ace from his execution. Akainu wants to get rid of Luffy anyway so, if they face each other, Akainu will defeat him very easily. AndayGeorge realized his amitious project by drawing 18 pages of Monkey D. Luffy vs Akainu fight. Akainu is the current Fleet Admiral of the Navy and one of the most intriguing villains that the fans have seen in One Piece. Discussion . Gear 4 (and perhaps he can use it more casually)+two advanced Haki+better stamina..).